Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day Observed Quiz

I didn't get around to posting it yesterday but here's a short Canadian Prime Ministerial quiz I drafted for political history buffs out there:

1. How many times has an individual named Paul Martin run for Liberal Party leadership?

2. Which Tory leader insisted they add "Progressive" to the Conservative name, in 1942?

3. How many 20th century Liberal leaders never led majority governments?

4. How many 19th century Tory leaders did (lead majority governments)?

5. Who was the shortest serving Prime Minister?

6. Which PM brought in the CBC?

7. Who finished second in the 1968 Liberal leadership race?

8. Who was the first Prime Minister born after Confederation?

9. Who is the only Prime Minister not buried in Canada?

10. Who played Pierre Trudeau in the 2002 CBC mini-series?



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