Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whatchu Talkin About?

Macleans had some fun with google site search to find out what topics got the most play on Stephen Harper's website over the past year. For those keeping track, the environment narrowly edged out crime, taxes, accountability, health care, child care, and, in a bit of a surprise, "dancing with the stars".

So, I figured I'd run my site through the machine and see what I've been blogging about.

-Not only does he win the hamburger poll and the golfing poll, but Stephen Harper tops the equally scientific Calgary Grit poll with 1440 references. That leaves him miles ahead of Jack Layton (215), Stephane Dion (95), and Gilles Duceppe (65).

-Among Liberals, Dion is edged out by Joe Volpe (180), Gerard Kennedy (1380), and Michael Ignatieff (175). Hot on his heels are Jean Lapierre (83) and Garth Turner (42). [note: Unlike Garth Turner's blog where the only thing Garth Turner has ever talked about is Garth Turner].

-Much like Stephen Harper, I don't have a lot of time for Harper Cabinet Ministers. Peter Mackay (83) and Rona Ambrose gets decent ink (48), while Jim Flaherty (19), Lawrence Cannon (22), and Gordon O'Connor (19) have earned a bit of my time. But Maxime Bernier (9), Carole Skelton (1), and Jean-Pierre Blackburn (1) haven't exactly been setting the blogosphere on fire.

-I am, of course, always ready to blog about the important issues of the day, such as the Shane Doan kerflufle (4), Stephen Harper's stylist (11), and Jack Layton's "big ass" comments (4). [note: in fairness, "big ass" comments on this blog could be in reference to a lot of things including, ironically enough, Jack himself]

-On the historical side, Joe Clark (98) beats Pierre Trudeau (63). However, Justin Trudeau (38) does best Ben Mulroney (15).

-On a lighter note, Britney Spears drew 5 mentions, Paris Hilton got 6, and Prince Harry got 4. Lindsay Lohan has never been mentioned on this blog (...until now).

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