Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pictures from the Campaign Trail

Last night, I posted pictures of Michael Ignatieff humanizing himself to voters. After all, what voters look for in a Prime Minister is someone who knows how to eat a hot dog.

Today, a look at how Stephen Harper has spent the first dozen days of the campaign.

Harper plays piano with a little girl. I know what you're thinking, but there's no need to worry for his safety - she has never met Michael Ignatieff.

You can still win a free coffee with "roll up the rim"...but from now on, you will be unable to claim it until Canada is out of deficit in 2015.

Afterwards, Stephen Harper thanked the Maple Leafs for not plunging Toronto into an unecesary and unwanted playoff campaign, which would have risked Canada's economic recovery.

Harper thanks the Tory war room staffers for their hard work.

Even Stephen Harper has started playing the coalition drinking game!

Harper, fed up with media questions, decides to solve the problem.

Stephen Harper announces a tax break for silly photo ops.



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