Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Western Quarters

UPDATE: And it's Manning v. Lougheed in an all-Albertan western final

In the East, Oliver Mowat and Rene Levesque won a pair of nail biters, by 4 and 6 votes respectively. They will meet in the Eastern finals. Out west, the two quarter-finals get under way today and will run until midnight on Saturday night.

Ed Schreyer (7) vs. Peter Lougheed (2)

Game Story: This battle pits the only two of the actual provincial winners left in this tournament, up against each other. Both men defeated NDP Premiers in their first round match-ups, with Lougheed out slugging Tommy Douglas and Schreyer handily taking out Dave Barrett.

Ed Schreyer career highlights (Manitoba 1969-77): He introduced public auto insurance to the province in 1971 and expanded medicare to the point that it included the country's first pharmacare and home care programs. His government amalgamated the hodgepodge of communities near the junction of the Red and Assiniboine River into a "Unicity" known as Winnipeg, and proceeded with a major expansion of hydroelectric dam construction in northern Manitoba.

Peter Lougheed career highlights (Alberta 1971-85): Ended the Social Credit's one-party rule of Alberta, replacing it with Progressive Conservative one-party rule. During his tenure as Premier, the Alberta Government's major priorities were the control of Alberta's natural resources and their development for future generations of Albertans; participation of Albertans in the mainstream of Canadian life; economic diversification; and the improvement of health, research, and recreational facilities in the Province. In 1976, the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund was established, and a portion of these royalties was deposited as long-term investments to be used to meet unanticipated future needs. Is most famous for his fights with the federal government during the energy wars.

Game Story: A pair of SoCred titans from the same era get set to tango in what should be a very close quarter-final matchup. Manning was Premier of Alberta for 25 years, bringing credibility to the SoCred movement after the Aberhart years. Bennett led BC for 20 years, making him the province's longest serving Premier.

Ernest Manning career highlights (Alberta 1943-1968): During Ernest C. Manning's period of service as Premier, Alberta became Canada's major oil-producing province following the discovery of the Leduc field in 1947 and the Redwater field in 1948. Education, health, and highways were priorities of Premier Manning's Government. In 1947, it legislated free hospital and medical care for senior citizens and, in 1965, provincial civil servants were given the right to engage in collective bargaining.

William Andrew Cecil Bennett career highlights(British Columbia 1952-72): Led province into an era of modernization and prosperity; expanded communication lines lines to the north of the province; encouraged pulp mills to establish in the central interior; extended the railway to Fort Nelson; longest serving Premier in BC history.



  • For the WAC versus Ernie race, One write in vote for Grant Devine ;)

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