Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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There's a big brouhaha in the blogosphere over accusations that Tories (and BC Liberals) have been buying news stories on Bourque. The way I see it, politicians buy news stories indirectly all the time so I think it's great that they've cut out the middle man. Better to spend a couple thousand tax dollars on the link than a couple billion dollars to get news by announcing a GST cut.

Regardless, many Liberals no longer consider Bourque a credible news source so I will do my best to provide unbiased news links to stories on this site. Here are a few which caught my eye today:

Muslims flock to Harper

Success: Three days in and still no gaffes for Ambrose in new portfolio!

Harper increases female Cabinet representation by 17%

Tories blow past Liberals in latest poll

Great winter weather here to stay with Tory environmental plan!

"What you have seen is [...] a shift toward a nation of tree-huggers," - Dion

Dion to step down within a year


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