Thursday, February 01, 2007

Harper's So Fat He Has His Own Zip Code

Like Helena Guergis, I too am quite upset about Dion's alleged "fat joke" directed towards Stephen Harper:

The Liberal leader joked that the exercise room at Stornaway -- the official residence of the leader of the Opposition -- had been refurbished.

And he said the new workout room would benefit his successor.

"Maybe Mr. Harper will have the opportunity to lose his (extra) weight now because we have this exercise room,'' Dion said.

I'm not so much upset that he called Harper fat, but rather that he did so using such a weak joke. Even Colin Mayes wouldn't find this one funny. They really need to hire back Feschuk because the new guy writing Dion's material is just lame. As a suggestion, I humbly submit the following to Dion for future interviews:

"Stephen Harper's so fat, he takes up more seats in the House of Commons than the entire NDP caucus"


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