Friday, August 11, 2006

TGIF Reading

For anyone looking to kill some time at work, here are a few posts and stories to check out:

1. In the best named blog since "Buckets of Grewal", a long time reader of this blog has launched "Any Idiot Can Have A Blog". I'm not sure I agree with all points in his mission statement:

We find blogging, as a general rule, to be useless ramblings by uniformed individuals with access to computers. As a general rule, they are simply ill-informed opinions, often by individuals with an inflated sense of self-purpose. In this grand tradition of blogging, is joining the community.

But nevertheless, I laughed a few times in the first post and in the description of the threat to our nation posed by bathtubs.

2. Good to see Bob Rae has continued to honour his solemn pledge to never attack another candidate in this race.

3. September 18th it is in New Brunswick. Early speculation is that Lord should win a majority but, as he learned last time he went to the polls, campaigns in New Brunswick can take on a life of their own.

4. Shameless Partisan Plug Alert: Generation Kennedy has launched a website here.


  • On the New Brunswick election front, the early signs are not so clear.

    Lord led in the most recent poll (May) but trialed in every poll prior to that since August 2003 suggesting his support is pretty soft.

    Moreover, Lord has weak incumbents while the Liberals have strong ones, giving them an edge in close races.

    I am posting daily on the NB campaign over at my blog (a shameless plug of my own!) ... check it out here if you like :)

    By Blogger nbpolitico, at 3:32 p.m.  

  • If Lord can hold the seats he has and take back Kings East, he should have a slim majority. The traditionally Conservative Kings East went Liberal last time because the grandson of a Hatfield cabinet minister ran for the NDP. If the Tories are united this time it's a gain for them.

    By Blogger nuna d. above, at 5:15 p.m.  

  • "Uniformed individuals"???

    That's the BEST spelling error ever.

    By Blogger Jacques Beau Vert, at 5:56 p.m.  

  • "I believe we have good, solid results for the people of New Brunswick."

    Did Lord hire a dipper to do his speechwriting?

    By Blogger bza, at 9:16 p.m.  

  • Grit

    I haven't been around for a bit...but I find your coverage of the ME a tad lacking.

    Any insights into the nuanced position of the Kennedy camp?


    By Blogger syncrodox, at 2:27 a.m.  

  • syncrodox; I posted a bit of the Middle East a while back but it's really such a mess that's it's hard to add much to the discussion - especially since foreign affairs aren't my forte or main interest.

    Personally, I'd say Israel has gone far above and beyond anything which would be called a measured response.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 2:50 a.m.  

  • Good enough.

    Can you help me define a measured affront?


    By Blogger syncrodox, at 3:32 a.m.  

  • I think the Generation Kennedy webmaster needs to do some cleanup. It's a bit amateurish to have your site prominently reveal that you store your files in C:\Documents and Settings\Hannan\My Documents\Kennedy Campaign...

    By Blogger The Invisible Hand, at 4:52 a.m.  

  • The Invisible Hand said...

    I think the Generation Kennedy webmaster needs to do some cleanup. It's a bit amateurish to have your site prominently reveal that you store your files in C:\Documents and Settings\Hannan\My Documents\Kennedy Campaign..

    Its a bit amateurish to use Windows(tm) IMHO...

    By Blogger Stephen Jenuth, at 1:28 p.m.  

  • syncrodox; Well, we're dealing with the kidnaping of 2 soldiers and the murder of 6 others. So bombing all of Lebannon seems to have gone above and beyond a reasonable response. If they bombed a few suspected Hezbollah targets (taking care to limit civilian casualties) and then did a prisoner trade, that would be reasonable.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 3:20 p.m.  

  • CG

    I must take issue with your assertion that this began solely over the killing and capture of Israeli forces on Israeli soil.

    What many seem to forget is that Hezbollah were indiscriminately firing katushka rockets into Israel on a daily basis prior to the their raid into Israel.

    While I am no military expert, I would hardly describe katushka's as a defensive weapon. Which leads me back to my previously posted question.

    Can anyone help me define exactly what is a measured affront? Or better yet how many katushka's a day are nuanced and how many are too many?

    Should we have a weighted system? Say ten Hezbollah katushka's are equal to one Israeli laser guided missle? Would that be measured and nuanced enough?

    As far as the fact that many lebanese civilians are dying, this is regretable. But lets be clear here. The IDF are targeting known Hezbollah enclaves in Lebanon. The fact that Hezbollah chose to hide and fight from behind the burkas of their women and children belies one fact.

    The only lives cheaper to hezbollah than Israeli's are the lives of their own people. These people consistently encourage their youth to sacrifice their lives in the name of Jihad.

    Now that's some nuance. Then again I guess some like Denis Coderre and Gilles Duceppe fail to understand these nuances when they chose to march under terrorist flags.

    Anyways CG, I read your site because of your generally intellegent and well thought out posts. I understand the ME is not your prefered area of interest but I believe you may want to give this some more thought.



    By Blogger syncrodox, at 12:32 p.m.  

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