Saturday, April 01, 2006

The King Is Dead

We're under an hour away from the results of the PC leadership review vote. I tend to think the fact that they're announcing it at midnight means that Ralph isn't expecting a thunderous show of support. Until then, I encourage everyone to take a look at this quote from Ralph tonight, which we'll file under "black pot":

“Such an era seemed unattainable for so many years under the arrogant and neglectful federal Liberals,” he said.

UPDATE: 55%. Ralph is toast. Time for yet another leadership race...

THE MORNING AFTER: My hunch is that Ralph isn't in great shape this morning, but I certainly feel fine. I would have actually preferred that he stay on since the longer he stayed, the more damage we'd see done to the provincial PCs. And, if nothing else, he's a damn entertaining guy. But I certainly won't shed any tears over his demise.

Despite all Klein has done, the only way to explain such an incredibly low number is that the Jim Dinning people made it clear to their delegates that it was time to gas Klein. They were obviously a bit more discrete about it than Lyle Oberg, but Dinning must have got tired of waiting and decided to go for the jugular.

So thanks for the memories Ralph - let the blood letting begin!


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