Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Explosive Gomery Testimony Revealed!!!

This site is going to go out on a limb and risk federal prosecution in the goal of spreading the truth. I have come into possession of the “explosive” testimony from a source of mine, revealed over the past few days at the Gomery Inquiry. Among the highlights:

-In explosive testimony, witnesses declared that Pierre Pettigrew really wears a hair piece!

-In an explosive demonstration, it was revealed that Paul Martin has a life-size cut-out of Ben Mulroney in his bedroom at 24 Sussex Drive.

-Explosive allegations claim that Ken Dryden received kick-backs from Montreal Canadiens fans while he was Leafs President in return for his pledge to keep the Leafs in perpetual haplessness.

-In an explosively explosive shocker, Jean Brault claimed that Paul Martin is a bigger fan of Sheila’s “special” brownies than he lets on.

-Soon to join Art Eggleton in the Canadian Senate? Judy Sgro, Alfonso Gagliano, and Progressive Conservative Sinclair Stevens, according to explosive leaks.

-Insiders explosively claim with explosive conviction that during the 70s, Paul Martin had a brief stint in the adult film business. His porn name? Mr. Dithers.

-It was explosively shown that the Liberal Party is responsible for the NHL lockout, a claim sure to enrage Canadians more than any explosive corruption scandal ever could.

-In an explosive moment on the stand, it was alleged that Scott Brison is preparing to defect to the Bloc Quebecois.

-It the most explosive of all Brault’s testimony, it was explosively revealed that Paul Martin’s Quebec lieutenant is really a former separatist…wait a minute…

Obviously, once the publication ban is lifted, the political fallout figures to be immense for the Liberal Party. One might even call the consequences “explosive”.


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