Saturday, November 27, 2004

Meanwhile, in Ottawa...

I encourage everyone to dial up 1-866-303-VOTE (8683), press 1 for English, press 20 for your candidate and press 1 to confirm that you've voted for Pierre Elliot Trudeau as the greatest Canadian. A charismatic, passionate, decisive leader with a real vision of the country, believing in a strong federal government. Sounds like someone the country could use these days, eh?

According to the Hill Times, attendance at Caucus meetings is down under Martin. Admittedly, there are many less members of the Caucus, but insiders say that the percentage is down, even when you factor in the massive drop in Liberal MPs. It's unclear whether or not those Liberals who accused Chretien's government of being "adrift" last year are attending these meetings or not.

Finished the Sheila Copps book. I really wish she hadn't put in the Canada Health Act accusations since it's caused everyone to disregard the other claims she makes which are actually reasonable: Paul being pro-Iraq War, the dirty leadership tactics, the way Martin used the backbenchers to trash his government and advance his aims.

Congrats to Darryl Raymaker (or, as he's now being called by many Calgary Liberals, "the Darryl who wins"), the Southern Alberta election chair for the Liberals. The three seats in Calgary (and nearly five) were quite the coup as well as one in Lethbridge (and nearly two). People are still buzzing about that.

Sucks to be Judy Sgro, eh? Anyone starting a pool on how long she lasts? At the very least, the "young men" in her office who have been allegedly threatening Western MPs are likely not going to be around very long. My free advice to Judy: If you're going to illegally allow a campaign worker of yours into the country, make sure it's someone whose occupation doesn't involve 30$ lap dances. It tends to give the story a lot more media play than a cue hoping marine biologist would get.


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