Thursday, November 25, 2004

What's Love got to do with it?

The new Klein cabinet was announced today and, in it, we see Gary Marr demoted and Ted Morton (thankfully!) kept on the outside. Combine this with the defeat of Mark Norris in the election and the return of Rod Love, who openly backs Jim Dinning, as Klein's Chief of Staff and it becomes clear who the heir apparent is in Ralph's world.

Dinning is likely their best choice - this is a tired regime and they need someone from the outside to put some fresh blood into it. Morton makes Dubya look moderate and would probably make Kevin Taft premier in the next election. Dinning has a good track record, is well thought of, is more moderate, and has been away from the scene for a while. He's definitely their best choice. Will he win? Hard to say. He's been away for a while and both Marr and Morton will be serious threats.

So Ralph is trying to give him any edge he can.


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