Sunday, June 13, 2004

Week 3 Review:

Blog of the Week: All Things Canadian had some fun with the hockey playoffs and then skewered one of my least favourite people in the world, David Herle.

Weekly Winner:
Star Candidates. Polling numbers show that most of the big name candidates across the country are headed for easy wins.

Weekly Loser: David Herle. More and more, the Liberal campaign is being criticized...including by Herle himself.

Laugher of the Week: From the Globe & Mail election notes, the running joke this week: "Why didn't Paul Martin go to Ronald Reagan's funeral? He was too busy preparing for his own."

Jean Lapierre mistake of the week: Not a mistake but he's now being referred to as "Comical Ali" and a poll in Outremont showed he's in tough in one of the safest Liberal seats in the country.

We’re flying towards... Still looks like a Harper minority. But with a strong debate performance, he could hit 140 seats.

Grade: B
Highlight: The Return of the King - Chretien, Copps, Manley and the old gang are called back in to try and save the sinking ship.
Lowlight: Herle calling the campaign "desperate" and "in a spiral"
Stayed out of the country. The way things have been going, that's likely a good thing.

Grade: B+
Highlight: Great TV spot portrays him as a family man and as a Prime Minister
Lowlight: More mind-numbingly stupid comments from his candidates
More and more confident. It will be interesting to see how the Liberal attack adds work.

Grade: B-
Highlight: Released a very good immigration platform this week
Lowlight: Becoming more and more marginalized
Interesting new adds which feature George Bush, Dalton McGuinty and Mike Harris.

Grade: A-
Highlight: Starts laying out demands for a Conservative minority government
Lowlight: With the Bloc doing so well, there's a fear their supporters will stay home voting day.
Maybe it's just because I'm outside Quebec, but this campaign is flying incredibly high. Not a single mistake in three weeks while the Liberals sputter in Quebec.


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