Friday, April 06, 2012

Alberta Votes Day 12: Who says a 40 year old government can't come up with new ideas?

Raj Sherman delivers perhaps the best line of the campaign so far:

'Alison Redford Invents Triage'

Alberta's Tory leader has announced money for faster treatment in emergency rooms, but the Grit leader — an ER physician — says the program is already in place.

Tory Leader Alison Redford said patients with serious injuries will be a priority and will be fast-tracked in the program.

"Through this initiative, these patients will be appropriately directed through a quicker screening process that will result in faster treatment and a faster return home for all patients," said Redford.

"Fantastic idea," Alberta Liberal Leader and ER doc Raj Sherman shot back in a news release titled "Alison Redford Invents Triage."

"Why didn't we think of it earlier? We need to come up with a name for this. Why don't we call it triage?"

My sources indicate Redford will be making her next big health care announcement in Edmonton tomorrow. There, she will unveil plans to create a fleet of emergency vehicles with sirens, designed to rush Albertans to the hospital.

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