Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Better Know a Future NDP MP

Some people in the comments section think I've been "unfair" to the NDP of late. And maybe I have been. After all, if Jack says he can solve Canada's doctor shortage by paying new doctors $3,472 a head, then who am I to doubt him? The man has a nice smile, so I guess he should be taken at his word.

So in an effort to make amends, I will begin profiling members of his team. Sadly, many of his candidates are unknown to Canadians, by virtue of them not having told anyone they're running for office. To ensure Jack's poll numbers translate into seats, it's important for Canadians to get to know who they will be voting for.

So, let's begin!

Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier--Maskinongé - Quebec): Ruth is an assistant manager at Oliver's Pub, and enjoys rehabilitating injured animals. She is currently vacationing in Las Vegas, and who can blame her? She's already hit the jackpot once, being nominated as an NDP candidate, so why not ride this lucky streak out!

Sadly, Ruth could not cancel her vacation plans, but I'm sure Prime Minister Layton will tackle the unfairness of non-refundable airline tickets once he has solved other pressing issues facing the country, such as high ATM and credit card fees.


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