Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One defends and the other conquers

I'm sure you've all been intensely following the Nova Scotia election (ha ha!). If you haven't, well, it might be worth at least glancing at tonight's results, because Nova Scotia is poised to become Canada's fifth province to succumb to the socialist hordes.

The latest polls have Darrell Dexter's NDP (campaign poster to the left) on pace for a majority government, so things do not look good for the fiddler, (outgoing) Premier Rodney MacDonald. The real intrigue in this one may be the race for second place, with the Liberals and Tories neck-and-neck by all accounts.

Speaking of which, I can guarantee that Liberal leader Stephen McNeil would not only have become opposition leader, but possibly also Premier, had he run TV ads with the tag-line "MacDonald fiddled while the economy burned".

I won't be watching this one too closely, but all you Nova Scotia politicos should feel free to discuss the results in the comments section as they roll in.

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