Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Idiots and Turds

Who do you think Tory officials would have referred to with that colourful language? Liberals? The CBC? Elections Canada?


Those words were in reference to Conservative campaigns who felt uneasy at the in-an-out scheme.

Hat Tip - Radwanski



  • email isn't like a telephone call

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:17 a.m.  

  • There we are! Guilty as charged. Fraud at the highest level of the party. No wonder Elections Canada raided them.

    They want our vote? Phew!

    By Blogger JimTan, at 12:29 p.m.  

  • Say what you like about Con officials, they definitely know their people!

    By Blogger Reality Bites, at 1:47 p.m.  

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