Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hung Out To Dry

There were a flurry of rumours floating around that Stelmach would drop the writ today, catching Taft in Toronto which would have been freaking brilliant. Instead, it appears that everything is on track for an election call after next Monday's throne speech (which I imagine will feature a big ticket promise like high speed rail or abolition of health premiums).

Ed did make an announcement today - releasing the 20 year capital blueprint. In it, he uses the word "plan" 389 times - me thinks someone is overcompensating. But, despite his goal to make the whispers of "no plan" go away, here's the synopsis:

EDMONTON - The 20-year capital blueprint Premier Ed Stelmach released today forecasts a steady-as-it-goes approach towards 2028, avoiding any commitments of a Calgary-to-Edmonton high-speed train or even a mention of how many schools will be needed in two decades.

The much-hyped capital plan instead offers broad strategies along the lines of: "There will be a continuing focus on building schools close to where children live, especially in high-growth communities."

I, for one, am relieved that Ed hasn't decided to build schools where children don't live. That would be as silly as, I don't know, changing the fast lane on the highway to the right hand lane.

Of course, the news isn't all bad for Stelmach. I suspect that headlines like "Alberta's Liberal leader says other provinces should profit from oilsands" or "Liberals would end heating subsidies" won't exactly generate the kind of momentum they want heading into a campaign.

Oh, and as for the post title? That's in reference to this. I couldn't resist.

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