Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If I were the Calgary Grit, here's how it happened

I really don’t want to make a big deal out of this since for most of you this is just substituting one Liberal you’ve never met for another, but I’ve decided to “come out” and write under my real name from now on. So, without further delay, say goodbye to Bart Ramson and say hello to...

Art Vandelay. OK, OK, for real this time:

(Drum roll please)

Calgary Grit is, in reality, Dan Arnold.

When I started blogging, I felt writing under a pseudonym would give me a bit more leeway to vent and be critical of the Liberal Party. But I don’t see any real reason to continue on with the charade and I figure being in the open allows me to recap events a bit better, do some media, and, besides all that, it’s not a huge secret anymore that there really is no Bart Ramson. I was at a Scott Brison event this spring and Scott came up to me, winked and said “slow night in the blogging world, eh?”(and we all know how good Scott is at keeping inside information secret…). So apologies to anyone I’ve deceived along the way.

For those wanting the 30 second bio, I’m currently President of the Alberta Young Liberals (slogan: “the best form of youthful rebellion in Alberta!”). For the past year, I’ve actually been living in Edmonton as I work on my Masters in Statistics at the U of A. I figure “Calgary Grit” sounds better than “Edmonton Grit”, so I’ll keep the blog name and I get back to Harpertown enough that I think I can still pass for a Calgary Liberal.

Like I said, no biggie. This shouldn’t change this blog around at all, except I may start talking a bit more about the Edmonton Liberal scene (which, at least federally, now bears a striking resemblance to Calgary…).

Tonight I fly to Montreal - I've still got my final thoughts on the final four posts saved as drafts so I'll try and get them up at some point as well as the updated Race for Stornoway section. And, hey, if you find yourself in Montreal feel free to track me down and say hello...


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