Monday, July 24, 2006

Odds & Ends

-The Progressive Bloggers will be holding a get-together on Saturday, August 5th in Calgary. Full details are on the main site. Any bloggers wanting to grab a drink and chat politics, should RSVP on the Prog Blog site or via e-mail.

-I found this interesting, given the leadership rumblings around Jimmy K. How's this for a slogan: "Jim Karygiannis has never pretended to be one of Parliament's stars".

-20 bucks says Hedy Fry wins London in the leadership race:
Visions of mob-style southern U.S. justice and white- hooded racists came to mind yesterday when a shocked London man woke to find a burned cross on his lawn.

-Daveberta has a run down on the rules in the provincial PC leadership race. True to form, there will be no donation restrictions and no requirement to reveal donors. Luckily the provincial PCs are all above reproach with respect to ethics and conflict of interests, so I am sure this will not lead to any company, group, or individual having undue influence over the next Premier of Alberta.

-On the flip side, Senator Marie Poulin, who is running for LPC President, has announced she will obey strict fundraising rules, even though no fundraising laws apply to the race. I probably won't pay too much attention to the LPC Presidency race until we get closer to the convention but Senator Poulin certainly appears to have a lot of ideas for rebuilding the party. With respect to internal party reform, the Party's President is probably more important than the party's leader so all Liberals should look at the candidates running and see what they stand for.

-I'll be launching the "Best Prime Minister...We Never Had" contest later today. There were well over 80 names suggested, so the first round will be a seeding round to determine the top 16 and next week we'll begin the knock out matches.


  • I agree that the party president will likely have more effect on party reform than the party leader after the coming convention.

    And yet, there's no info out there but Mme. Poulin's site. Tony Ianno and Bobbi Ethier don't have web pages on the campaign, and even wikipedia hasn't picked up the ball.

    I'll support the candidate who I think best reflects the idea that the party needs to think further into the future than the next election. So far, Mme. Poulin's site doesn't indicate that. She has some good ideas, and some bad ideas, but our understandings of what the party is for are quite different.

    By Blogger Gauntlet, at 4:01 p.m.  

  • Yes - Wayne is in town and will be there.

    By Blogger calgarygrit, at 5:25 p.m.  

  • The Progressive Bloggers will be holding a get-together on Saturday, August 5th in Calgary.

    Hm. I get the image of a bunch of drunk-to-the-eyeballs "progressives" who aren't at all shy about expressing themselves, wandering the streets and "interacting" with the locals in what is argubaly Canada's most conservative city after the bars close...

    Man, the "after-party" could be more entertaining than the main event! :)

    Of course, given that there have been a bunch of (mostly) right-wing blog-type pub nights in that hotbed of conservatism known as downtown Toronto, I shouldn't make jokes, so never mind...

    By Blogger Jason Hickman, at 8:21 p.m.  

  • We were already doing suggestions for Best PM Never???


    I don't know, really, and am looking at it more to learn than root - but I'd say Ed Broadbent (surely you must have had him submitted already).

    Just for fun, did anyone say Louis Riel?

    I'd sure like to see a bunch of women on the list, though I'm completely stuck to think of any past female politicians who'd be PM.... but again, I'm looking to learn here, I'm not an expert.

    How about King Edward VIII, post-marriage? He would have won easily, surely. (Nah, I mean, you could open it up to ANYone then, like Churchill or a Kennedy or etc...)

    By Blogger Jacques Beau Vert, at 8:50 p.m.  

  • And yet... I feel like it would be fun to throw in Princess Diana, post-marriage.

    It would be fun to speculate about. I know, I know, not a terrific policy person, but let's face it, she'd have beaten Chretien handily.

    Or would she have??

    She could have made the whole Ottawa land mine treaty carry an entirely different significance.

    Come on, do it for the fun of it!

    By Blogger Jacques Beau Vert, at 9:07 p.m.  

  • "given that there have been a bunch of (mostly) right-wing blog-type pub nights in that hotbed of conservatism known as downtown Toronto"

    We should schedule another one. Soon.

    By Blogger Michael Fox, at 11:12 p.m.  

  • Those fools over at the National Post. Don't they realize that the burghers of Scarborough-Agincourt get their best representation when Karygiannis is far away from Ottawa? In fact, most of them were probably extatic when he spent an extended period in Sri Lanka post-tsunami. So long as he was helping Sri Lankans, he wasn't screwing up the files of all those Agincourters.

    By Blogger herringchoker, at 10:35 p.m.  

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