Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Results for People

Remember last election? Remember how Jack Layton told everyone to "elect more NDP MPs"? Remember how he promised this would create "results for people"?

One hundred days in, let's take a look at the results Jack has generated. Since, as a Liberal, I might be somewhat partisan, I'll let a completely unbiased person judge the results for people achieved by this government. This completely unbiased person will be...Jack Layton.

Results for People

1. A "made in the Oil Patch" environmental program which has killed Kyoto and "abandoned the environment".

2. Nothing to create a National Child Care program.

3. "Nothing for EI, precious little for training." In short, Canadians have been given "a lost opportunity for working families".

4. A budget with "nothing for post-secondary education". This country will be full of "empty libraries because students won't be able to afford to use them".

5. An "arrogant and rigid" approach to Canada-US relations, leading to a "rather dramatic extension of military integration with the United States".

6. Massive corporate tax cuts; "an imprudent action that takes us closer to a deficit".

I'd say the Liberal TV ads meant to appeal to NDP voters next election are going to write themselves. Or, more precisely, Jack Layton is currently writing them.

And if he can't talk about "results for people" or name drop "Ed Broadbent" eight times a day, Jack's going to need a new pitch to keep the Liberal votes he "borrowed" last time.


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