Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Morning Round Up

1. From this week's Hill Times comes the annual threat that the House could sit into July, and whispers of a Draft McKenna movement.

2. Cerberus is hard at work tracking Liberal blogger endorsements. Still no one for Joe Volpe yet, but the race is still young.

3. Tomorrow is budget day! However will I sleep tonight...

4. James Bow has a good article up on his site about Canada's shifting demographics.

5. Blue Blogging Soapbox has taken to reviewing the Liberal Leadership websites.

6. Time has an eclectic list of 100 People Who Shape Our World.

7. Wikipedia has updated their endorsement page for the Liberal Leadership Race. Least surprising endorsement? Frank Mahovlich has backed Ken Dryden.

8. Flash Point Canada has set up the preferential ballot again, with all ten candidates on it. It's completely unscientific, but kinda fun.


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