Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer Fun

It's a warm day in July during Stampede and I don't have the heart for a serious political discussion. So, instead, let’s have a bit of fun.

1. Top Comments for the Stephen Harper Picture
(These are all courtesy of Comments, this site, and Cerberus)

10. Now, to stay one step ahead of the backlash backlash: It's true, you're right, this actually doesn't matter at all. Fashion sense is the least of this guy's problems. All true. But holy cow.
-Paul Wells

9. "Hey, Monte, I thought we agreed that we'd all go with the vests too."

8. The first thing I thought (well actually, the second, after my initial dismay) upon seeing that photo was: "Well, at least it might help us in the gay community".
-Toronto Tory

7. Harper has second thoughts about whether trying out for the Village People will win him more votes in Toronto.
-Dudley Morris

6. Harper: So, how do I look?
Incompetent staff: You look great sir.

5. Never thought I'd ever say this about anyone, but he coulda got some fashion tips from .. wait for it ... JOE CLARK, and come off looking less like a dork.
-Mark Kealey

4. I wonder why Peter and Bernard gave me this funny little rope-tie to put around my neck. Looks an awful lot like a noose.

3. The look on his face is absolutely priceless. Like, "Perhaps if I very obviously soiled myself, I'd have an excuse to leave."
-Chris Selley

2. At least we now know what Harper would have worn to Toronto Pride if he hadn't been otherwise occupied.

1. The expression on Harper's face is the same one I see on my dog whenever my daughter plays dress-up with him.
-Robert McClelland

2. To Be Fair...

3. Juvenile, But...

With a hat tip to Don, it's "The Hottest MP Besides Ken Dryden". I'm hoping that the above pictures will cause a massive write-in campaign for Paul and Steven.

4. CrossFire

Jon Stewart was on fire last night giving a smackdown of Bernard Goldberg. Everyone should go take a look at this interview. I especially loved Jon's "There IS a bigot channel" line.

5. Time for Another Minister

Paul Wells pokes some fun at the Democratic Reform agenda.

6. King Ralph

Rick Mercer, meanwhile, has a whole slew of Ralph Klein photoshop fun! (here and here)


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