Friday, October 15, 2004

A Bunch of Balls

The big “shocker” out of Adscam this week (which reminds me, whose great idea was it to set up this Judicial Inquiry?) is…are you ready for it…golf balls! Yes, apparently, Chretien used a few Adscam golf balls. This has, of course, drawn howls of protest. Among a few that is. For most people, this entire scandal has gotten to the point where it just draws a yawn. And rightfully so.

I mean, golf balls? Is this the worst they can do? Politicians use the government bank account for far more costly things: dinners, jet flights (for “political events”), the list goes on and on. The fact that the PM may have gotten a few freebies (and I don’t think that link has even been proven…just that they were used at an event he was at) is trivial. You’re telling me that CEOs don’t use company funds to get free jackets, sweaters, etc? That employees don’t use a company photocopier for private purposes?

The problem with putting trivial non-stories like this on the front page is that people are going to lose any interest in this story they had so that if something important does come out, no one will raise an eyebrow over it.

Golf ball? Shesh.


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