Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who Judges the Judges?

A very perceptive reader sent me in these two articles that deserve a bit of attention. First up, a bio of Madame Gomery who is doing quite well for herself at Ogilvy Renault, a fine and respectable law firm.

Second up, is an article on the Gomery Witchhun...err, Inquiry. Here's the interesting paragraph:

Contrairement au comité d'enquête sur les comptes publics, les membres de la commission Gomery ne sont pas des élus. C'est Bernard Roy, de la firme d'avocats Ogilvy Renaud, qui agira comme procureur en chef de la commission.

If you're French is a little weak, it's basically saying that the members of the commission are appointed and...Ogilvy Renault got a nice position. Now, I'm sure this is all one big coincidence, right? Surely those judging "friendly firm" contracts would not give out friendly contracts, right? Right?


  • Would that perceptive reader have been Warren Kinsella per chance??

    By Blogger jc, at 1:42 p.m.  

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