Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time for a Full Inquiry, for Dean's Sake

Dean Del Mastro, March 1: "We learned that Joe Volpe paid over $25,000 to Prime Contact, a calling company with offices in North Dakota. These calls were made on behalf of the Liberal party. I see that they used this company quite a bit. It seems that they were robodialing quite a number of people on behalf of the Liberal party."

Dean Del Mastro, March 5: "It's ... clear that the Liberal Party spent millions of dollars to contact hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homes right across this country. It appears they had given them some incorrect information but the Liberal leader is sitting on all of this information while he makes unsubstantiated smears."

Dean Del Mastro, March 12: "We now know that the member for Guelph, Mr. Speaker, in fact paid for illegal robocalls that concealed the fact that the calls came from his Liberal campaign. They used a bogus number, Mr. Speaker, a fictitious character, they broke the CRTC regulations, they broke Elections Canada laws."

Listening to Del Mastro's daily tirades in the House of Commons, it's clear the Liberal Party orchestrated Robocon, as part of an elaborate plot to suppress their vote. And, given how few Liberals voted on May 2nd, this plan appears to have been wildly successful.

I therefore trust that Dean will join the growing demands for a full public inquiry and/or Royal Commission to get to the bottom of the robodial scandal. Only then can the good name of the Conservative Party be cleared, and these duplicitous Liberals brought to justice.

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