Friday, April 08, 2011

A Picture's Worth 30,000 Words

The 30,871 word Liberal platform and the 22,178 word Tory platfom, in word clouds:

Not surprisingly, both are heavy on the "Canada".

Of note, the Liberal platform uses the word family or families 310 times, compared to 63 in the Tory platform.

The Conservatives use the word coalition in their platform 48 times - it does not appear once in the Liberal platform.

The word "tax" is used a similar amount by both parties (Conservatives 109, Liberals 83).

The most interesting stat is the use of the party leader names. The Conservative platform mentions Harper 102 times and Ignatieff 46 times. The Liberal platform mentions Harper 69 times and Ignatieff 5 times. Neither platform mentions Jack Layton.


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