Tuesday, January 03, 2006

But Who Will Lead The Quebec Revival?

Courtesy of Bourque comes the sad news that Jean Lapierre is considering a departure from politics:

Bourque has learned that LaPierre, ever the chameleon, is quietly discussing his post-political alternatives, should he and/or his party fall from the electorate's good graces. Sources close to LaPierre tell Bourque that LaPierre has "absolutely no interest in leading the Liberal Party" and would be "terribly bored" sitting in the Opposition benches. Au contraire, we are told, LaPierre is said to be interested in returning to Quebec airwaves and may well write an "insider's" account of his current foray into federal politics, a tell-all book that would certainly be of interest to a number of disgruntled Liberals, many of whom are still scratching their heads as to how LaPierre found himself in the bosom of Paul Martin's Cabinet. Meanwhile, one source is suggesting that LaPierre, a longtime Bourque reader and a news junkie who once boasted about reading 13 newspapers a day, would be keen to launch his own blog as a means to expound on sundry opinions relating to current affairs, women, his favourite Montreal eateries, and, of course, politics.

Not too surprising, knowing Lapierre. It wouldn't at all surprise me to see him walking around on the 24th in a black arm band, before forming a new party (or a rainbow coalition of the temporary ad hoc nature...).


  • Not a huge fan of Lapierre the politician but I always enjoy reading a politically experienced blog.

    By Blogger Dan McKenzie, at 7:59 p.m.  

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