Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back In Ralph's World...

...just so I don't completely ignore the provincial scene, I should mention that today is a special day in Alberta. Special because it marks one of the handful of days in the year when Ralph Klein puts on the facade of democracy and allows the legislature to sit.

Yes, the Leg is back! With all the talk about federal politics, it's easy to overlook Klein's jam packed legacy agenda. In addition to the 400$ rebates (so popular that federal Ralph stole the idea), the PCs are set to legislate on...umm...a ban on criminal memorabilia? That was seriously one of three bills mentioned in the Post article.

In Chretien's last year, we got Kyoto, gay marriage, pot decrim, and a decision on Iraq. Agree or disagree, at least his "lame duck" period was a time of action. It's beyond me why Klein wants to stick around if this is the best he can do.


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