Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Moments in Spin

Now: Michael Ignatieff’s principal secretary and top Quebec aide quit because the Liberal Leader doesn’t know the province “from Minnesota,” Stephen Harper’s strategists say.

The gloating memo, sent to Tory MPs and supporters Monday, was inspired by the departure of Jean-Marc Fournier. A former member of Quebec’s National Assembly, he left Jean Charest’s government in November, 2008, and went to work for Mr. Ignatieff.


June 20, 2010: Harper's top aides quit jobs

August 5, 2009: Harper loses another key adviser

July 28, 2009: Harper's communications director to step down

February 5, 2009: Departure of Tory strategist leaves 'massive hole'

June 27, 2008: Top aide to Harper steps down

May 21, 2008: Brodie to step down as Harper's chief of staff


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