Monday, November 23, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Some things in the news today...

1. There's been a big hullabaloo recently over ten percenters and a movement appears on foot to set guidelines, or to outright ban them. Good.

For the record, I think the parties would be crazy not to use them so long as they're allowed to, but if they're not going to be used for anything more than taxpayer-funded attack ads, there's really no point to them. If MPs can't use the toy responsibly, I think it's time to take it away.

2. Some more research projecting the HST "will increase capital investment [in Ontario] by $47 billion while creating 591,000 net new jobs".

But, you know, it's a greedy tax grab! And the price of a haircut will go up 5%! Stop the DST!

3. This is encouraging:

Donolo believes his task is "not so much to package (Ignatieff) as to unpackage him," allow him to be himself and to build on his strength as a thoughtful, insightful deep thinker - the very qualities that initially excited Liberals and evoked comparisons to Trudeau.


Among other things, the long game is expected to include having Ignatieff spend more time on the road (as he did last week, although those particular cross-country appearances were planned before Donolo came on board), delivering a more targeted message and giving Canadians a clearer picture of what he stands for.

4. This is just weird:

Janine Krieber, the wife of former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, is known for being blunt and outspoken, but her online outburst over the weekend about how the party is heading for the "trashcan of history" left the Liberals and Leader Michael Ignatieff dealing with yet another self-inflicted wound.


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