Sunday, November 23, 2008

Face Off

Come January, I intend to re-jig my first ballot projection formula I used during the last Liberal leadership race. One of the indicators I'd been thinking about using was facebook support but, as you'll soon see, this leadership race has become a bit of a facebook monster, with groups sprawling out of control. Here's quick summary:

Michael Ignatieff

Not only is Iggy the perceived front runner in the race, he's the front runner in facebook support! Want to show your support for Michael? Well, you could join "I support Michael Ignatieff and I'm telling my friends". Too shy/embarrassed and don't want to tell your friends? Well, then, there's the official "Michael Ignatieff - Liberal Leadership" (958 members), which is linked to from his website, or the rogue "Michael Ignatieff Campaign", "Support Michael Ignatieff" groups, and TWO "Michael Ignatieff for Prime Minister" groups.

Not part of Iggy Nation (which is, of course, a group in and of itself)? Well then, you have "get Michael Ignatieff and God out of my living room" or the much more direct "Michael Ignatieff is the worst person ever" and "Michael Ignatieff sucks". Needless to say, most of the provinces have their own Iggy pages, although I should probably not call them "Iggy pages" or the "Iggy is Iginla, NOT Ignatieff" group will be up and arms.

Dominic LeBlanc

There's the central "Dominic LeBlanc for Liberal leadership" group, with 646 members and provincial groups for Albertans, Manitobans, Saskatchewanians, Ontarians, New Brunswickers, and Nova Scotians. British Columbia appears to be a distinct society, bucking the trend with "Dominic LeBlanc's BC facebook page". Perhaps the "saksatchewanians" should consider that wording...

Bob Rae

In addition to the "I Support Bob Rae and I'm Telling my Friends" (581) and the various "Bob Rae for Liberal Leadership" Groups, the Rae campaign is going riding by riding - they even have snazy logos for each of the individual groups. Given that most of these groups only have 1 or 2 members, I suspect there might be better ways for the Rae supporter(s) to communicate with each other (themselves) at the local riding level.

There are also duelling "Canadians FOR Bob Rae" and "Canadians AGAINST Bob Rae" groups.

William Shatner

Rightfully so, the "William Shatner for Governor General" group, appears to be far more organized than any of the leadership campaigns to date - and with close to 800 members, it clearly has the momentum at this point.

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