Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Elite Eight

After a spirited first round of voting, we're ready to narrow the field to the final four. One of this blog's readers, who is clearly way more computer savvy than me, agreed to write up the html code for the poll. This will allow the poll to copy the voting format for the Canadian Blog awards, where you can vote once every day. This will be the format for the remainder of the contest - promise. (This was my original idea for the poll so that the momentum could be sustained over the full week of voting but due to my limited computer skills, I went with the double vote format instead)

Voting will close Tuesday at noon Mountain time and, once again, I'll post comments and blog entries about the PMs involved over the weekend since the point of this is to get people talking about Canadian History and our PMs.

Now, the second round matchups, with their first round winning percentage in brackets:

(1) King (89.5%)
(9) Diefenbaker (66.3%)
It's the all crazy clash! At least King kept his insanity private and didn't let it affect his job. After seeing the right mobilize in round 1, King has to be somewhat worried that he's in the only Liberal/Tory battle.

(2) Macdonald (92.0%)
(7) Mulroney (70.9%)
BlueGrit said it best: "Then we've got Macdonald in round 2 of his "get revenge on the people who killed my party" campaign"

(3) Trudeau (50.1%)
(11) Pearson (50.2%)
Do these two have anything left after bloody first round battles? It's PET versus the man who brought him to Ottawa.

(4) Laurier (75.8%)
(5) Chretien (75.7%)
Laurier ushered in the 20th Century and Chretien ushered it out. The Century may not have belonged to Canada, but it sure belonged to the Liberal Party.

BlueGrit has also posted a very good preview of the four matches that I encourage everyone to read. And now, the voting. Remember, you can vote once a day so vote early, and vote often. A seat in the Final Four is up for grabs!

Greatest Prime Minister (Round 2)
Match-up 1
(1) Mackenzie King
(9) John Diefenbaker
Match-up 2
(2) John A. MacDonald
(7) Brian Mulroney
Match-up 3
(3) Pierre Trudeau
(11) Lester B. Pearson
Match-up 4
(4) Wilfrid Laurier
(5) Jean Chretien

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