Saturday, June 11, 2005

Banned Topics

For anyone who bothered to read all the way to the end of this CTV news story on Buckets of Grewal, you'll have caught this tid-bit:
But maybe a certain amount of Grewal fatigue is setting in on all sides. Check out this June 6 post from CalgaryGrit, who is listed as a member of Progressive Bloggers:
"To be perfectly honest, I'm a little grewaled out so I won't even begin to comment on the latest bizarre twist (Grewal's stress leave) in this saga."

While I am flattered to be mentioned, I find it odd that, to make the news, this blog merely has to not discuss a topic. I guess I've been going about the blogging thing all wrong.

So, for any aspiring news editors out there, for the next week, Calgary Grit will not discuss any of the following: Bono, abortion, Belinda's love life, Peter MacKay's dog, Tim Murphy, Romanian Strippers, Joe Volpe's leadership run, or Nina Grewal.