Saturday, November 06, 2004


Interesting article here, which a reader sent my way. It seems Ralph's popularity is on the wane in Edmonton this time around, to the point where the Tories are covering him up on their billboards. Given his outbursts in recent months, I imagine they'll try and hide him from the public light as much as possible during the last half of this campaign.

As it sits, I'm going to predict the Liberals win two seats in Calgary. Dave Taylor is looking very good in Calgary Currie and I think David Swann might come through in Calgary Mountainview. Terry Taylor's in a good riding for demographics downtown, but their campaign appears to be lacking a strong organization. But things are definitely looking up in Edmonton - especially if the Alberta Alliance can hit 10% in that city.


  • I highly recommend Graham Thomson's columns on Alberta politics. He has a sly sense of humour about it all, which makes it interesting. His last column was about the Bush strategists that have just been hired by the Alberta Alliance to attack Ralph... heard about that yet? Hopefully that will stir things up. *yawn!*

    By Blogger DJC, at 3:31 a.m.  

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