Friday, January 27, 2012

Bonus TWIA - Snelgrove Gone. Discuss.

Alison Redford looks to have her first caucus defection on her hands, as former Finance Minister Lloyd Snelgrove is out, according to Redford's Chief of Staff:

While losing your first MLA is never fun, this shouldn't dampen Redford's momentum or end her honeymoon.

After all, Snelgrove has been critical of Redford since she was elected leader, and announced he wouldn't be running again shortly after he was left out of her first Cabinet. Just yesterday, he criticized Redford's province-wide listening tour - when an MLA criticizes his leader for something as innocuous as that, you know he's nearing the end of the line.

This is obviously not something Redford wanted to deal with, but in terms of PC infighting, this pales in comparison to some of the blowups we've seen in recent years.

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