Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Liberal Party's Million Conversations campaign to raise a million dollars has featured almost daily e-mails from current Liberal MPs, past Liberal greats, and Paul Martin. These letters have taken on an increasingly frantic tone, culminating in Jean Chretien's warning yesterday that Harper may re-open the abortion and Same Sex Marriage issues.

Obviously that's not going to happen, but it's not any more far fetched than Conservative Party fundraising e-mails ("The CBC will take away your gun"), so if it raises a few dollars, well, that's the way the game is played.

That said, I do wonder about today's letter from Alf Apps, which I've reposted here:

Dan --

We warned you about what Stephen Harper would do with a majority government, and we've finally seen the results.

I didn't believe it myself until I saw the
news stories today about Stephen Harper's latest act of deception. As shocking as it sounds, he has used an old photo in this year's Christmas Card, passing it off as something new.

I know Harper apologists at Sun TV will defend this move, but it is indefensible. I used to think only Liberals could display this type of laziness, but I now see that Harper can be just as lazy - no, dare I say, more lazy than Liberal elites.

Beyond the laziness is a more troubling issue. One of deception. One of lies.

I ask you this - why hasn't Stephen Harper shared a new picture on this year's card? What is he hiding? What doesn't he want you to know? This card is the clearest sign yet that he plans to ban abortion in Canada. Yes, you heard that right. Baning abortion. In Canada. He must be stopped.

When I first heard about this Million Conversations Campaign, I thought: "great, now we're finally getting serious about what it will take to fight the Conservatives".

I understand that we have already fundraised enough to start 925,885 conversations in 2012. That's good.

But our goal is a million and that means, with less than 5 hours left, you must decide if your values are worth fighting for. It's now or never.

Please donate $5 right now - that's just $1.25 after the tax credit - and we can reach a million.

You can also call 1-800-701-7789 (9am - 5pm, ET, Mon-Fri) to donate by phone.

Thank you.

Alfred Apps


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