Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 in Pictures: Stephen Harper

Yes, he gave us a 50 billion dollar deficit but, hey, he can play the piano, so all is forgiven!

These pics come from a wide range of sources, but big hat tips to Dan Cook and Mitch Raphael.


  • This post could serve as a natural enema.

    By Blogger bigcitylib, at 5:05 PM  

  • Stephen Harper. Out of touch. Fortunately for him, the Liberals have only Iggy to offer. He's got Jean Chretien's luck.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:37 PM  

  • All that's missing is a pic of Harpo personally fist-buggering our dreams of "an open, transparent, and accountable democratic system of governance" - otherwise it is perfect!

    By Blogger Fat Arse, at 6:14 PM  

  • ..Sure nneded to lose weight when he was toying with the piano.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:23 PM  

  • Fat Arse nails it!

    We want to see lots more pictures of Harpo fist-buggering. People don't realize how much fist-buggering Harpo has been doing because his hands are so tiny.

    We've all been fist-buggered.

    And this dream called Canada has been fist-buggered so hard and so long it can't walk straight anymore.

    But I bet a fella called Michael will get Canada to trust men again and give her a chance to forget the brutal fist-buggering.

    By Anonymous Anti-Fist-Buggering League for a Liberal Restoration, at 10:54 PM  

  • find me a good photo of Michael Ignatieff because the dude just doesn't take a good photo...period.
    I know exactly how that feels:-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:59 AM  

  • I'm surprised there isn't even a good pic of Iggy from his Convention Victory when he beat out all other candidates for the Leadership. Back when he was popular, because nobody knew that he doesn't stand for the same thing two days running.

    By Blogger paul.obeda@, at 3:35 PM  

  • I still think that the Olympic logo looks much more like the old RCAF Roundel than the Conservative logo.

    By Anonymous Joe, at 3:49 PM  

  • Yep, a 50 billion dollar deficit, supported by the Grits.

    Wonder why the fiscal conservatives are politically homeless?

    By Blogger Möbius, at 7:06 PM  

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