Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bag 'o Links

1. Completely off topic, but if you want proof that Quebec is a distinct society, this video makes a pretty good case of it...

2. As much as I loathe SU politics, it's hard not to find this amusing. Daveberta links to the greatest SU debate of all time.

3. Tid Hudak is running The Great Dominion Dust Up on his site to find Canada's most inspiring politician. He's seeded 64 contenders March Madness style in a series of knock-off games. Today's battles feature Ellen Fairclough (7) against Mitch Hepburn (10), and Jean Chretien (7) versus Robert Bourassa (10).

4. TDH has the run down on the Mississauga Streetsville nomination race.

5. The latest Ipsos Reid poll has the Tories up by ten points in Ontario. If the Conservative internals stay in that range then we're definitely going to have a spring election.

6. Quebec is too close to call. Any speculation at this point is about as scientific as a Super Bowl prediction, making Monday's vote one of the most interesting provincial elections in recent memory. For what it's worth, Democratic Space has Charest winning a minority in his seat projections. I'll be sure to post frequent updates tomorrow night as the results roll in.

7. Battlestar Galactica season finale tonight!

8. Signs it's a slow news day. Then again, has anyone seen Reg Alcock since the last election?



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