Sunday, December 11, 2005

Two More for the Gaffe Pool

No doubt Stephen Harper's migraine is starting grow as he flashes back to 2004, after controversial comments by Brian Pallister. Pallister, it seems, felt it would be a barrel of laughs to call his non-answer a "woman's decision".

But, not to be outdone, Scott Reid has jumped into the gaffe pool by claiming that parents will blow their Tory child care cheques on "beer and popcorn". Reid does have a point on this one. Who knows what a parent might spend their cash on? Perhaps they'll spend it all on Medisys or Cargojet income trusts.

But, at the very least, one of the perks of having a unilingual communications director is that he can only make boneheaded comments in one language, so at least he won't be making any gaffes to cost Canada the referendum election.

UPDATE: As a die hard Liberal, let me just say I'm quite distraught to see Paul conceeding defeat already:
He went on to say: "There's no doubt in my mind that parents are going to use it for the benefit of their families. They're going to use that money in a way that I'm sure is responsible. Let there be no doubt about that.''

On a serious note, by having Martin get up and admit that the money will be spent responsibly, he's really painted himself into a corner on this one. Harper is going to have fun with those comments come Thursday and Friday at the debates .

Oh...and I just realized Paul was on a wine tasting tour when he made the appology. Too good...


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