Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gomery On The Net

Here's a look at what other bloggers are saying about the Gomery Report:

Tasteful Future comes up with the best post title of the day: Gilles Duceppe is a transparent weasel.

Bowie Call tips his hat to Chretien.

Murky View says the government won't fall.

The Muck Shoveller makes Cherniak look like a Chretienite by comparison with the most anti-Chretien rant of the day (and I'm including Conservative blogs on that list).

Accidental Deliberations looks at the international media this is getting and Gilles Ducceppe.

Alberta-Canada now thinks Jean Chretien should be banned from the Liberal Party. Geez, even Paul isn't that dumb.

The Blogging Party of Canada rates the party leaders.

Scott Tribe says that Stephen Harper is a wimp.

Paul Wells has key quotes and a few initial impressions.

Warren Kinsella gives us the Chretien speaking points, going after Martin and Gomery.

TDH wonders why Martin got off the hook.

Revolutionary Moderation notices how the opposition parties are going after "Liberals" rather than Martin.

My Blahg says the whole Adscam thing turned out to be no big deal.

Daveberta recaps the press conferences and concludes that Chretien is "WAAAAY more entertaining than Paul Martin".

Jason Cherniak looks at who the guilty parties are and, for once, I actually agree with him.

Voice in the Wilderness has the media links up.

Crawl Across the Ocean sums up Adscam from start to finish.

Alberta-Canada Now says "let's vote now!"


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