Sunday, August 29, 2004

Loose Lips

I really don’t understand why the Martin machine got behind Carolyn Parrish in her nomination battle against Pat Mahoney. Didn’t they know she was a loose cannon? She’s sort of our version of Cheryl Gallant…or Ted White…or Rob Merrifield …or, well, you get the picture.

First of all, to use one of Paul’s favourite lines – let me be perfectly clear: Carolyn Parrish is right. Getting involved in Missile Defense is idiotic. Anyone who believes it will work is an idiot. I mean, the system is as unproven as it is idiotic and I have not seen one article anywhere which even hints that anyone out there, be they idiot or not, has even kind sorta implied it might work. Never mind that it won’t stop idiots from hijacking airlines or sailing ships into ports. And the amount of money it will cost is idiotically high.

But, why or why, did she have to come out and say it? Because now she is the voice of the Liberal caucus speaking out against star wars. And she is the last person who should be speaking on behalf of the many in this country who realize it’s a deeply flawed plan. There are so many arguments that make sense she could use against missile defense and instead we get name-calling. It cheapens the whole argument to have someone like her as the lead spokesperson for it.


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