Saturday, May 15, 2004

Most Important Election Ever?

In the self-agrandisizement department, comes last week’s Globe & Mail
front page story that Paul Martin feels the upcoming election is “the most
important ever.” Wow. So I suppose those elections fought during the
depression and during World Wars, those two to decide who would fight a
separation referendum, those two on Free Trade and that one on conscription
were just run of the mill elections. I can see where Paul’s coming from here.
I mean, sure, deciding whether to send thousands of men to fight in Europe is
one thing but when Stephen Harper’s vision of tax cuts comes up against Paul
Martin’s vision of, well, tax cuts, things get put into their historical

OK, some people have big egos – I get that (some might say all to well). However, if I win a game of Clue, I don’t proclaim it to be the “most important victory” in the history of mankind, on par with the invasion of Normandy (or Norway, if you prefer) or the 1972 Summit Series.


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