Monday, April 16, 2012

Alberta Votes Day 22: Closing Arguments

With a week to go, the parties in Alberta must now try to seal the deal with voters. You'll hear pithy one-liners as spin machines go into overdrive, but here's the brutally honest closing pitch I'd use for each party:

Alison Redford's PCs: "I get that a lot of Albertans want to send us a message. I'm here to tell you that message has been received loud and clear. If you trust the Progressive Conservatives with another term, you'll see a new attitude.

As tempting as it is to vote Wildrose, please take a minute to think about what a Wildrose government would look like. They'd have an inexperienced Finance Minister at a time when there's economic uncertainty around the world. They've talked about changing the laws on abortion and privatizing Health Care. They've made promises they can only afford to keep through Health Care cuts.

On the 23rd, vote for a party you can trust. Vote PC."

Danielle Smith's Wildrose Party: "Like bedsheets, governments need to be changed every now and again. The PCs have given Alberta good government for much of the past 40 years - hell, I've voted for them a few times. But the party now reeks of complacency and corruption - it's time for a change.

As Premier, I wouldn't change everything, but there are a few things I would change. I'd bring in a balanced budget bill and cancel the 30% pay raise Alison Redford gave herself. I'd clean up government and end the "money for nothing" committee. I'd offer tax cuts to help families pay their bills and make ends meet.

On the 23rd, it's time for some clean sheets. Vote Wildrose."

Raj Sherman's Liberals: "The PCs are a corrupt and tired government, who deserve to be defeated. And judging from the polls, that's exactly what's going to happen. The question isn't who will form government, it's who you want fighting for you on the opposition benches.

You can vote for a PC opposition that doesn't believe in anything other than getting elected so they can pocket $1,000 a month to sit on a committee that never meets. The same PC party that might very well be in disarray, or led by Ted Morton by the end of the summer.

Or you can elect an Alberta Liberal Party who you know will fight for you in the legislature every day. As a former emergency room doctor, I entered politics to fix the Health Care system, and I quit the PC Party because I saw they were only making it worse. On the 23rd, vote for the only party that will stand up for you and will stand up for Health Care, vote Liberal."

Brian Mason's NDP: "The parties on the right have spent the election arguing over whose more conservative. Even the Liberals have joined this argument, by picking yet another former conservative MLA as their leader.

By spending all this time arguing over whose the biggest conservative, the other parties have lost sight of what matters to Albertans. Albertans want a good Health Care system, a clean environment, and an honest government. On these issues, the NDP has always been consistent. You know what we stand for, and you can count on us to fight for you. On the 23rd, vote your conscience - vote NDP."



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