Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Liberal Biennial in Pictures

The drive to Ottawa. Had there been an “annex the Turks & Caicos” policy, it would have passed overwhelmingly, simply on the prospect of a sun destination convention.

Munir Sheikh – the Bono of former StatsCan heads – gave a 9 am talk on survey sampling methodology.

The voting clickers predictably had some glitches – I think I accidently voted for Pat Buchanan on one of the policy resolutions. Luckily, Peter Miliken was there to oversee voting and “Miliken" anyone who dared bring up an ill-constructed point of order. He was hands-down the convention MVP.

Sheila Copps' "rats nest" was one of the many hospitality suites at the convention. However, the Westin shut them down at 11...something which would never have happened if the Liberals were in power.

For those of you out there who have always wanted an Edward Blake or Alexander Mackenzie button...

The momentum around "Coyne 4 leader" was unstoppable this weekend. In fact, a rival leadership camp stole his coat, in a bid to derail his campaign.



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