Thursday, December 08, 2011

Meet Sheila Copps

Having already profiled Alexandra Mendes, my tour of LPC presidential candidates turns next to Sheila Copps.

Who is Sheila Copps?

I suspect everyone going to the convention is familiar with Sheila Copps. If you're under 30, you probably remember her as the highest profile casualty of the Martin-Chretien wars, when she lost a nomination battle to Tony Valeri in 2004. If you're in your 30s or 40s, what stands out most is her time in government - most notably as Deputy PM. Older Liberals will remember her time as a feisty "rat pack" member on the opposition benches, or her run for Ontario Liberal leadership in '82.

1. Why did you join the Liberal Party?

I was asked to run as a candidate in a riding that had not been liberal since 1934. I resigned my job as a journalist and became a member because I believed, and still do, that the Liberal Party represents the best hope for an inclusive, diverse and fair Canada. I worked on my first election, sans membership, in the Trudeau '68 campaign.

2. In 20 words or less, describe the type of party president you would be.

Inclusive, democratic and energetic.

3. Name one thing the Liberal Party should do to make the policy process more meaningful.

Create a formal relationship between the party and the campaign committee including a written annual parliamentary report, tabled by calendar year end, on the status of platform implementation, including leader and critic responses.

4. Name one thing the Liberal Party should do to improve its fundraising.

Focus on small cap funding by recruiting new supporters. This involves targeting current issues. ie. Wheat Board campaign in the Prairies and opening a diverse dialogue ie. creation of a GLBTQ caucus.

5. Name one thing the Liberal Party should do to engage members.

Assist ridings in outreach by guaranteeing guest speakers for up to four events annually IN EVERY RIDING IN THE COUNTRY. Party to provide plug 'n play media toolkit including backgrounder and press release. Party to organize all travel arrangements on a cost-shared basis for multiple riding speaker tours of preeminent Canadian Liberals including all former party leaders. Free up members to work in community on relevant issues. Grow interest first and then grow the membership.

6. List one other key change the LPC needs to make.

Open all nominations to fair and transparent competition. No appointments.

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