Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick! Someone show these guys some polling data...

Ignatieff's proposed asbestos ban may have killed deal

A mining company says Michael Ignatieff might be responsible for stalling the reopening of one of Canada's last asbestos mines.

The Jeffrey Mine says it had a Chinese investor lined up and willing to invest $40 million, but that its would-be partner became scared over comments from the Liberal leader.

Ignatieff has called for a ban on exports of the potentially deadly substance. His spokesman, however, expressed skepticism Thursday that the Liberal leader's remarks might have torpedoed the deal.


"A week after Mr. Ignatieff's comments, they started questioning me, saying, 'What happens if we decide to invest in you and Mr. Ignatieff becomes prime minister and decides to stop production of chrysotile asbestos?"'

I too, am skeptical that Ignatieff killed this deal, but if he did...well, then, good for him. It's unconscionable to export a product we won't use here for safety reasons when we know it's killing millions of people in the developing world.

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