Thursday, December 17, 2009

L'Antichambre of Second Thought

From Martin Patriquin:

As with most Journal stories, today’s Demers yarn is entirely summarized by its headline. “Hockey Before The Senate: Jacques Demers promises to be more present… next year!” The story details how on 16 occasions Demers has had to choose between the highest echelons of Canadian government and a professional hockey team… and he chose the professional hockey team. As an (admittedly very good) analyst, Demers jawbones each and every Canadiens match on RDS. He is a slight more verbose when talking hockey than expressing his sober second thoughts: as the Journal notes, Demers has piped up exactly twice since his Senate appointment in September, once to commemorate the Habs’ 100th season, and once to settle a horde of randy Senators, allowing his colleague Wilbert Keon to speak. “Let the Senator speak and you can make your comments after,” he said. Sure thing, coach!

Remember the good old days when Reform MPs would wear sombreros to protest do-nothing Senators? Now they're appointing them.



  • Then, the Liberal Senators should tell Harper they're ready to approve his proposed senate reforms of term limits and senate elections.

    But, they won't, so you're left with bitching about the senators the Tories do appoint. This is why the Dips are way better at opposition. You can actually understand their positions.

    By Anonymous Peter Jay, at 7:58 p.m.  

  • Reminds me of the last session that former PM Paul Martain only showed up once before being voted out of office. He represented his voters with contempt by doing nothing but pick up his pay check.

    Seriously though, this has always been a problem with a majority of Senators - they do not show up. This is not only with the Cons but the LIEberals. I guess until the provances elect a senator, they will have to be appointed. So far only Alberta elects senators. As soon as other Prov. elect senators they will be appointed.

    I agree, at the present,that the Non Democradic Party should be official opposition. Jack may be off base so often, but the difference is they at least try to bring forh a solution to a problem. I keep looking for any positive statement abou Canada - instead if telling Canadians how bad we arre.

    I wish LIEberals, and NDP, would swallow their pride and at least praise something about Canada.

    By Anonymous Clown Party, at 8:49 p.m.  

  • Oh yes, the same Jack Layton who swore he would never enter into a coalition with the Liberals, then did; who attacked the liberals from propping up Harper, then propped up Harper himself; who attacked the Conservatives and Liberals for not doing anything on climate change, then vigorously attacked Dion's green-shift because he did not want average Canadians, only industry, to pay their share. Layton is BRUTAL. At least with Harper we know what to expect; he is consistent with his BS, ineffective policies, such as his never-will-reduce-crime "tough on crime" laws; his only-increase-our-debt fiscal policies; and his screw-small-provinces decentralization.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:20 p.m.  

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