Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Wants to be a CTV Host?

In the wake of the bombshell report about internal dissension at CTV, anonymous TV personalities have confided with Calgary Grit that there are growing concerns at Globemedia over an internal bloodbath over the Clark-Thompson showdown for the host position at Mike Duffy Live.

Further complicating the issue is an exclusive Strategic Counsel Globe/CTV poll which shows both front runners trailling Don Newman badly in key battleground markets on a dozen host attributes including "cutting through spin", "being fair with the time", and "feigned interest with boring guests".

As a result, CTV insiders are quietly talking about other candidates entering the race. I have placed a poll with the rumoured names below, and included brief arguments for and against some of the dark horse candidates.

Who Should be the Next Host of "On The Hill"
AKA - Who is the next Senator in waiting?
Rosemary Thompson
Bob Clark
Graham Richardson
Bob Fife
Jane Taber
David Akin
Charles Adler
Steve Paiken
Kady O'Malley
Ben Mulroney
Jason Cherniak
Jean Lapierre
Joe the Plumber
Monte Solberg
See Results

Kady O'Malley

PROS: Can live-blog her own shows as she interviews guests. "5:23 pm: I am currently rolling my eyes as I listen to Adler and Rutherford blow hot air. Now my producer is yelling at me to stop typing on my blackberry and listen to my guests..."

CONS: Show's extensive coverage of Senate sub-committee hearings may lead to decreased ratings.

Jason Cherniak

PROS: As influential as the mainstream media.

CONS: CTV can obviously live with partisanship. But Liberal partisanship?

Ben Mulroney

PROS: Has star power. Opens up cross-promotional opportunities for CTV - "tune in Tuesday when this week's celebrity guest judge on Canadian Idol is Tim Powers".

CONS: May be difficult for audience to believe anything said by someone named "Mulroney".

Jean Lapierre

PROS: Media personality. Thinks he understands Quebec well. Has been a member of most political parties in Ottawa at one time or another, so he is well connected.

CONS: If bosses make a decision he dislikes, there is always a danger he may quit in a huff and found his own TV network.

Joe the Plumber

PROS: Media personality. Expert on foreign policy.

CONS: Not conservative enough.



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