Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And so it begins...

I'll begin ALP leadership profiles as soon as I can think of a catchy title for that post series...

MEDIA ADVISORY (2008/07/22)

MLA Dave Taylor to Announce Plans Regarding Liberal Leadership

On Wednesday MLA for Calgary-Currie and Deputy Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party Dave Taylor will announce plans regarding his future with the Alberta Liberals.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 10:30 AM

Outside the Bridgeland-Riverside
Community Hall
917 Centre Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta

Dave Taylor will make a brief statement and then open to questions from the media.

Backdrops, view of downtown Calgary

UPDATE: Here's the news story. His blue and yellow leadership website has launched and I already got got an invite to his "Dave Taylor for leader" facebook group (it looks like he'll have a strong youth team judging from the names who have joined). For anyone wondering, I don't intend to get involved with any of the campaigns - none of the rumoured candidates really excite me and I think it will be nice to just observe from the sidelines for a change.

UPDATE DEUX: I got just got the press release from the launch. Among the interesting tid-bits:

1. The campaign slogan appears to be "A New Way Forward".

2. 26 year old Corey Hogan is the leadership campaign manager.

3. As for Dave's three pillars of the New ALP? “business friendly, fiscally responsible, and socially progressive.”

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