Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year in Review Quiz: Live from Campaign Headquaters

How closely did you follow politics this year? Take a crack at these 20 questions to find out. And no, my felow Liberals, there is no benefit to abstaining on any questions so take a guess on all of them.

1. Which hockey player’s alleged anti-French comments were investigated by parliamentarians this spring?

a) Saku Koivu
b) Sean Avery
c) Darcy Tucker
d) Shane Doan

2. Who, among the following claimed to be “cured” of gayness in 2007?
a) Larry Craig
b) Ted Haggart
c) Dumbledore
d) Rob Anders

3. Who is the NDP MP puppeteering Toxic Timmy in this video?

4. Which PC candidate said he’d like to choke Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach during a by election loss in Ralph Klein’s old seat?

a) Craig Chandler
b) Craig Cheffins
c) Jim Dinning
d) Brian Henninger

5. Which of the following did Michael Ignatieff give as a reason to make the puffin the Liberals party’s mascot?

a) There’s rampant infighting in puffin communities
b) You can’t find any west of Winnipeg
c) They hide their excrement well
d) Their numbers have dwindled in recent years
e) They fly around in circles
f) They have a left wing and a right wing

6. What was Stephen Harper’s reaction to calls for a Brian Mulroney inquiry?

a) Called it “dangerous”
b) Appointed a third party to decide if an inquiry was needed
c) Appointed a third party to set terms of reference for an inquiry
d) All of the above
7. How many provinces held provincial elections this year?

8. How many elected new Premiers?

9. Name the new Premier(s)?

10. Who is now Canada's longest serving Premier?

11. We know all too well what happened in Outremont. But who won the other two Quebec by elections and by which party/parties were those seats previously held? (party names will suffice)

12. Put the following four events in chronological order:

a) Jim Flaherty declares "The long, tiring, unproductive era of bickering between the provincial and federal governments is over."
b) Peter Van Loan calls Dalton McGuinty the “small man of confederation”
c) Rona Ambrose becomes Harper’s third minister of intergovernmental affairs
d) Danny Williams pays for national attack ads against Stephen Harper

13. Put the following events in chronological order:

a) Gilles Duceppe's 1 day run for PQ leadership
b) Stephen Harper revealled to have a taxpayer funded stylist
c) James Moore accused of looking at a scantily clad woman on his lap top

14. Name the Cabinet Minister

15. Who is Canada's secretary of state for multiculturalism? (hint: who is the last person in the world you would suspect?)

16. How much will you save on a 2 dollar box of milk thanks to Jim Flaherty's GST cut, starting January 1st, 2008?

17. Whose book is currently higher on the Chapters and Globe & Mail best seller lists - Chretien's or Mulroney's?

18. Which of the three seat winning parties increased their popular vote from 2003 in this year's Ontario election?

19. Oprah Smoprah. Who got Chuck Norris' endorsement for President?

20. What did the Mayor of Oshawa declare March 20th, 2007 to be?

How You Rank
20 out of 20: Almost as good as Ed Stelmach, who took this test and gave himself 21 out of 20 on it.

18 or 19: Like Danny Williams' near sweep, practically perfect.

14-17: Like a Tory memo on Afghanistan, a lot has been blacked out, but you seem to have a sense of what's going on.

10-13: Like a Tory Cabinet Minister, you have a rough idea of what's going on in Ottawa.

Under 10: It is not easy to answer quizes. You are not a leader.

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